Powder coating

UAB „Stigma“ provides powder coating of metal articles.

Powder coating is a process in which dry powdered paint is used to coat the surface of metal articles.
Before starting the process, the surface of articles is treated to prepare them for the powder coating.

Advantages of powder coating:
• the surface is covered by a coating resistant to mechanical effect (scratches, impact) and wear;
• due to its elasticity, the coating is deformation-resistant;
• protects the surface against humidity, corrosion, UV radiation, heat, cold, and other aggressive external factors;
• gives the surface an attractive appearance;
• broad choice of colours;
• environmentally-friendly paint powder is used in the process.

UAB „Stigma“ uses a modern progressive powder coating technology ensuring the quality of surfaces coated and corresponding to the customer expectations.
Maximum dimensions of articles and structures that can be powder-coated:
– length 2,600 mm
– height 1,800 mm
– width 600 mm