Moulding of plastic articles

Injection moulding of plastic products is one of the main activities of UAB Stigma. Depending on the size and complexity of the part, moulding machinery of varying capacity is used (see below). In moulding of plastic articles, the company is able to use different technologies: moulding of bi- and tri-colour articles, moulding with inserts, moulding using compressed nitrogen gas etc.

Raw materials used for plastic articles:

In the field of plastic moulding, universal and technical polymers are used. Production consumes about 1500T of different raw  material per year.
The majority of moulds used in the company are supplied by the customers. UAB Stigma is responsible for proper use and maintenance of the moulds and can also perform the repairs, thanks to its competent specialists working in the shopfloor dedicated to the repairs of tooling and equipment.
Where the customer does not have a mould for the product, we mediate in arranging its production.
Machinery:   UAB Stigma operates 600 kN – 18000 kN  moulding machine-tools

Welding of plastic products

We are equipped to perform the welding of plastic articles using a hot plate welding method.