Environmental Policy

Stigma JSC is an enterprise that has quality management system pursuant to the requirements of LST EN ISO 9001:2008 standard and working under quality management system for the automotive industry ISO / TS 16949:2005 standard requirements, producing plastic and rubber products of high quality, which has implemented waste-free production of plastic products, providing transport, commercial mediations and other services of high quality, well considered by clients both in the country and abroad.
We shall strive to maintain environmental level of activity carried out in the Company to the extent, that, when using equipment present in the company, assimilating new products and new technologies would cause minimal negative effect on the environment.

The management of the company undertakes:

• to constantly improve environmental protection management system pursuant to the requirements of LST EN ISO 14001:2005 standard, with view to new requirements appearing;

• to perform all requirements stipulated by laws and regulations, related to environmental protection;

• to constantly improve the efficiency of environmental protection, and, subject to possibilities, to implement pollution prevention and reducing the effect on the environment done by the company;

• to apply requirements of environmental protection in all areas of activity of the company, both present and new ones;

• to monitor activity and pollution;

• to save and to use resources efficiently in processes of the activity of the company;

• to properly collect and store safely waste originating from the activity of the company until they are transferred to waste managing enterprises, and whenever possible, to strive for waste-free production;

• to exchange information with clients and suppliers frankly and businesslike, while fostering them to take interest in environmental protection and to strive to involve them to take part in discussions on issues of environmental protection that arise;

• to constantly analyse the requirements of the clients in the field of environmental protection and to strive for implementation thereof;

• Continuously improve our employees skills, introducing with environmental protection requirements, clearly dividing the responsibilities of staff in implementing environmental protection requirements;

• to declare environmental protection policy publicly.

10th August, 2010.
General director
Alfredas Zigmantas