Quality Policy

Our goal:

To produce a quality level, satisfying highest demands of the clients and become the leading company amongst suppliers of plastic and rubber items. Keep positions in the services field and expand the market worldwide as well as inside the country.

Strategical goals, fields of activity:

• Constantly improve the quality management system conforming LST EN ISO 9001:2008 standard requirements and qualify for the quality management system LST EN ISO/TS 16949:2005 for automotive industry;

• Forecast and properly respond to demands of the clients;

• Improve production technology and install technical innovations.;

• Systematically advance qualification of all employees.;

• To guarantee responsibility for production and work quality depending on capabilities and competence of every employee.

Leadership of the company undertakes to:

• enable employees to work qualitatively and efficiently, providing social guarantees and goodwilling relationship;

• acknowledge merits of employees , creative leads and motivate them to achieve superior results;

• enable employees to suggest and implement new ideas and suggestions according to expedience;

• pay special attention in employee selection and advancing of their qualification;

• reward emplyees accorting to productivity;

• Review the quality policy every year.

General director
Alfredas Zigmantas

9th of August, 2010